Visitation Team

CommunionKitThe Visitation team visits home-bound and sick members of the congregation.  In addition to providing a social visit and news from the congregation, the visitation team can administer the sacrament of communion using wine and wafers sanctified at a recent worship service, truly connecting the recipient back to the congregation.

In addition to home visits, there is an active card ministry under the care of Michelle Dodds who sends greeting cards to homebound and ill members to keep in touch, and send greetings for holidays and special occasions.


LorraineThe leader of the Visitation team is Lorraine Lynch.  Contact Lorraine at 508-668-3657 if you would like a visit, want to request a visit for a family member or friend, or would like to join the team.  Consider joining the team:  making a visit to someone who is ill or may feel isolated is a simple and rewarding way to give back to the community.